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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week of Jan. 26

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to the 63 students who passed the second All State audition! Stay tuned for more information about the trip (including exact cost and itinerary) coming soon.

Those of you who did not pass the second audition: Please turn in your music to Doc Woolf on Monday 1/26.

This week in Vocal...
  • EVERYONE will check off "The Heavens are Telling" in class. Be ready! We are checking for accuracy of notes, rhythms and memorization. 
  • Those of you who will be absent from class on Thursday due to Tarzan rehearsal, you will NOT be excused from the work that you miss. Please check with classmates to make sure that you have any notes, worksheets or rehearsal markings that you missed. 
In rehearsals we'll be doing your check offs on "The Heavens are Telling". We'll start by taking volunteers; once we run out of tributes we'll go down the roll and randomly select people. 

Groups schedule will continue as usual. To remind yourself of the groups schedule for this semester click here. In musicianship groups this we will continue with Music History, exploring the Classical and Romantic eras. Your quiz on Friday will be over the Baroque, Classical and Romantic time periods. For this quiz, just like the last one, you will be expected to know dates, composers and genres (including characteristics of those genres). 

CC  (rehearsal schedule subject to change!)
*We'll do groups on Tuesday & Wednesday of this week since the Tarzan cast members will be absent on Thursday*

Monday: Tutti - Heavens are Telling, My God is a Rock
Tuesday: 18V - Nightingale Sang, Ruth
Wednesday: George & Ira: Ruth, A Jubilant Song, My God is a Rock. 
Thursday (Tarzan cast absent): My God is a Rock, El Vito (?)
Friday: Men's/Women's rep

Monday: Groups, then Heavens are Telling checkoff
Tuesday: Groups. In my groups we'll review LGPE rep
Wednesday: Groups, then Men's/Women's rep
Thursday (Tarzan cast/crew absent): Groups - LGPE rep review & sight-reading
Friday: Theory quiz TBD & LGPE rep 

Monday: Groups
Tuesday: Heavens are Telling checkoff & LGPE rep
Wednesday: Groups
Thursday (Tarzan cast/crew absent): LGPE rep
Friday: Theory quiz TBD & LGPE rep

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Here's your video for this weekend VC!

As you listen, analyze the video and make some observations about what you hear. Then please write a 5-7 sentence paragraph describing the piece and telling me how it displays characteristics of the Baroque time period.

This assignment will be due at the start of class on Monday 1/26. Since we will talk about it in class I can only accept late assignments if you are absent from class on Monday. If you are present in class I will NOT accept a late assignment.

I am grading your writing assignments according to this rubric. Please familiarize yourself with it.

Note: if you know that you will be absent, you are welcome to email your paragraph to me at katie.woolf@cobbk12.org

Link to video

Monday, January 19, 2015

Week of Jan. 20

Seniors who need it: Here are the copies to Gia il sole high key and Gia il sole low key

Upcoming assignment...
EVERYONE will be expected to check off "The Heavens are Telling" in quartets next week during your regularly-scheduled class time. You will be graded on accuracy of notes, rhythms, words and memorization. This is in preparation for LGPE. Quartet check offs will begin Monday, Jan. 26 in all classes.

If you would like some help working on your part on your own, try this link. It's a midi file so it's not very musical but it will help you get the job done! Note: If you're trying to use your phone to connect to the link, go through the web version of my blog, not the mobile version.

In class this week....

We will continue your exploration into music history through your classmates' presentations. You will have a quiz on Friday over music history. The quiz will be over the Medieval and Renaissance time periods - you must know dates, composers and genres from each period as well as be able to discuss some basic characteristics of the genres themselves.

Tuesday: 18V - "Nightingale Sang" in sections, then tutti. Also a review of "The Heavens are Telling".
Wednesday: George & Ira: review "Ruth" and "The Heavens are Telling".  *note the change in schedule for this week!*
Thursday & Friday: Men's & Women's Rehearsals on LGPE rep. Women will continue "Tota" and review "Daybreak"

RC3 & RC4
In groups we will review IPA symbols. You will have a quiz on Friday reviewing all of your symbols, including [e] and the schwa.
We will also rehearse "The Heavens are Telling"(tutti), "Day Break" (girls) and "Tota Pulchra Es" (girls). Boys will work on their men's chorus rep and prep for the African-American Heritage Program.

*All Staters! Don't forget your audition is on Friday night!! We will randomly pull people from classes during the week to check on your progress.*

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


For homework this weekend, watch the following video and write a 5-7 sentence paragraph response  using the following question as a prompt:

This piece is not exactly like the ones we've studied in class but using your notes and context clues, take a guess as to the genre of this piece. Now support your case: how is it similar to what we've studied in class? How is it different?   

*Note: The piece changes as it goes along so stick with it to the end!*

The backbone of your essay might look something like this... (this is just a guideline if you're having a hard time getting started. You may, of course, put this into your own words). 

HINT: I am MUCH more interested in why you think it is what it is than whether you correctly guess the genre. Support your case. Use your vocabulary. Think. 

This paragraph will be due at the start of class on Tuesday. Please write in complete sentences that support an argument, NOT in bullet points or a list. You may email me your response at katie.woolf@cobbk12.org if you would like to. 

Senior Recital Run Order

Here 'tis...


Senior Showcase Run Order

Friday, January 9, 2015

Week of 1.12.15 - SR Showcase hearings!!

Here we go... pressing onward...

We'll be diving into Music History this week. We'll see if we get through enough material to have a quiz this friday. It might be next week. Stay tuned.

Monday & Wednesday: SRs will have their SR showcase hearing. We will, literally, pull names out of a cup to determine the order. Be ready. JRs and Sophomores will continue to rehearse Chorale rep.
Tuesday & Thursday: Groups
Friday: Men/Women's rehearsals

RC3 & RC4
Review of IPA. And, of course, repertoire. Get excited.
RC3 SRs: Your showcase hearings will be during class on Monday.
RC4 Srs: Your showcase hearings will be during class on Tuesday (you luck out since we have groups on Monday! Enjoy it. And be ready when the time comes!)


RC & CC Girls

Before the START of class on Monday, please copy the IPA and translation of "Tota Pulchra Es" into your scores. You may either copy it into the text as it comes or write out the whole thing on the blank last page (or a combination). You do not need to re-copy repeated text.