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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Student survey

The county has a brief survey that they would like for all students to take as soon as possible. We will provide you time to take the survey in class after you take your final exam.

VC: Since we used the entire class period for your exam this morning please take this survey at home as soon as you can.

Click here to take the survey

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Concert photos

Photos from Songs of Stage & Screen can be found here: http://www.woolfgroup.net/2015-04-21_choral

Password is cccepa.

You are welcome to download and share photos - when you do, please credit David Woolf as the photographer. 

Prints are also available to purchase directly from the website. 

Week of May 4

This week we'll forge ahead with review for your final exam.

Note: since your class is year-long, your exam will also be year-long. Everything from this year is fair game! Prepare accordingly...

VC Final Exam Study Guide
You'll be in groups this week reviewing piano, musicianship and music theory. You'll also take your piano jury while in groups.

CC Final Exam Study Guide
We'll continue to rehearse the pieces we're planning to record next week (Jai Ho, Pilgrim's Hymn, Ubi Caritas) as well as the Irish Blessing.
*Don't forget: 18V sings at Sensational Srs on Tuesday night (6:00pm call!) & CC (minus Dance IV dancers) sings at Griffin MS International Night on Wednesday (6:30pm call @ Pebblebrook). Attire for both events is concert black.

RC Final Exam Study Guide
We'll continue class project coachings AND exam review. Class project performances next week (in class)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Week of 4.27

As we press onwards to the end of the year we'll pick up with Class Projects in RC & VC and piano & theory review in all classes. Here we go!

Oklahoma cast & crew: Don't forget juries on Monday during class!!

*Don't forget that your written jury will be on Friday in all classes!!*

Note that, during this time of the year more than ever, schedule is subject to change!

Monday: Time to collect class project sheet music, then review for juries!
Tuesday: Class Project Coachings begin!! And Begonias will have piano.
Wednesday: coachings & Crocuses will have piano
Thursday: coachings & Daffodils and Tulips will have piano
Friday: WRITTEN JURY & more coatings

Monday: 18V to work on "Counting Stars" for possible performance at Honors Night, everyone else will have theory review time
Tuesday: Recitalists will have some time to work recital rep, everyone else will look at some possible rep for next year.
Wednesday: A (quick!) 3-group rotation to get in a little bit of ear training, sight-reading and piano
Thursday: Same as Tuesday
Friday: Written juries. Seniors have time to practice piano to prepare for your piano final

Monday: Piano review/class project prep time
Tuesday --> Thursday: Coachings, then piano & theory
Friday: written juries, then piano & theory

Monday: piano review/class project prep time
Tuesday: coachings
Wednesday: piano/theory
Thursday: coachings
Friday: written jury, then piano & theory

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Class Project Expectations

To sign up for your choices for class projects click here! Remember that you must have THREE (3) choices!
(RC3 & 4 Jrs & Srs - if you sign up with duet, please put that as 1st choice for BOTH people and make a note in the comment box at the bottom of the form!)

RC Class Project Assignments

VC Class Project Assignments

Class Project time! Here is a complete list of expectations for Class Projects.

We have a quick turnaround time for repertoire selections and learning these pieces so GET ON IT this weekend!

April 22: Repertoire selections due by 4:30pm
April 24: Repertoire selections posted on Dr. Woolf's blog
April 27: Sheet music due to Mr. d'Haviland by 4:30pm
April 29 - May 8: Coachings in class
May 11 - 15: Performances in class

Read your list of expectations thoroughly and then if you have any questions please email Dr. Woolf: katie.woolf@cobbk12.org


Here we go! It's that time of year again!!

Read all of the info you need for your juries here.

OK Cast & Crew: Your juries will be in class on Monday 4/27. Here is a full list of the schedule

To sign up for your jury, go here:

Saturday (4/25) jury sign ups

Monday (4/27) jury sign ups

Wednesday (4/29) jury sign ups

Solo Repertoire:

Sento S1/T1 Track
Sento S1/T1 Score

Sento S2/T2 Track
Sento S2/T2 Score

Sento A1/B1 Track
Sento A1/B1 Score

Sento A2/B2 Track
Sento A2/B2 Score

Sebben S1/T1 Track
Sebben S1/T1 Score

Sebben S2/T2 Track
Sebben S2/T2 Score

Sebben A1/B1 Track
Sebben A1/B1 Score

Sebben A2/B2 Track
Sebben A2/B2 Score