Sunday, October 11, 2015

Week of Oct. 12

"The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Congrats to the members of ComPAny 2016 on a great show this weekend!

This week will be busy with auditions after school - good luck to all who are auditioning for our spring semester shows!
The audition schedule is as follows:
Monday: Open auditions for all students for All Shook Up, Pirates of Penzance, You Can't Take it With You and the spring musical (TBD). Remember that for this audition you will just sing ONE song - if you're auditioning for all three musicals, you must chose in which style you would like to sing.
Tuesday: Callbacks for Samantha Spade (already determined)
Wednesday: Callbacks for All Shook Up (to be posted Tuesday)
Also Wednesday: Cobb Co Honor Chorus participants will meet with Dr. Woolf to start on Carmina. If you're called back for All Shook Up, plan to attend the next two Wednesday afternoon rehearsals!
Thursday: Callbacks for Pirates of Penzance (to be posted Monday night). Callback excerpts for Pirates will also be posted on my blog Monday night - we will not teach material for Pirates in callbacks! We expect you to prepare them before callbacks!

Meanwhile in classes this week...
(Note: with prescreening recordings & auditions happening this week this is all subject to change!)

Monday: Quiz over tempo & articulation terms, then a refresher on "Psalm of Solstice" from Hymnody.
Tuesday: Continued all state skills preparation/fall concert preparation.
Wednesday: double groups! My groups will move forward through your terms list to tempo terms and "instruction" terms.
Thursday: double groups again! My groups will keep working on those terms.
Friday: All state skills
Your quiz next Monday will be over tempo, articulation, and dynamic terms.

Monday: individual work on Hymnody
Tuesday: GROUPS! PHX will refresh Finches, Holy Spirit and start Watchman
Wednesday: GROUPS! Beatles & Rolling Stones will work on Great Trees from Hymnody
Thursday: Tutti rehearsal - Watchman! If time I hope you give you a few minutes to look at Pirates callbacks material. We'll see...
Friday: Hymnody rehearsals then performance for teachers. Today's the day we need to see a clear vision for the complete piece, including standing positions, complete choreography, complete artistic vision, etc. If it's not done by Friday, it doesn't go in the piece.
Next week will be our week for polishing Hymnody and working transitions between pieces.

You're in luck! I'm putting off your next All State quiz for another week so that we can focus on your all state skills and get started with our fall concert material this week. Huzzah!
Monday/Tuesday in groups: Ear training practice!
Monday's rehearsal: girls will work on "Wild Geese", boys will work on "Watchman"
Wednesday/Thursday in groups: more ear training and sight singing practice
Wednesday's rehearsal: More rehearsal as needed!

You're in luck! I'm putting off your next All State quiz for another week so that we can focus on your all state skills and get started with our fall concert material this week. Huzzah!
Tuesday & Thursday: "Lay me Low" from Hymnody

Monday: Quiz over tempo & articulation terms, then rehearsal on "Psalm of Solstice"
Wednesday: Looking ahead to dynamic & instructional terms.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week of Oct. 5

"If you can dream it, you can do it!" ~ Walt Disney. Just a little inspiration for you as you continue on the path towards your All State audition...

Here we go!!

VC (1st & 4th)
QUIZ MONDAY! Then we'll be back on your regular group schedule this week. In groups, we'll be going over articulation terms. All together we'll be continue to practice sight-reading.

Monday: Vanderbilt School of Music visit
Tuesday: Westminster Choir College visit (that's right, Phoenix.... you will not have to take your quiz on Tuesday!)
Wednesday: Everyone takes your quiz over your all state terms! (We will NOT have groups this week since we have these college visits). After the quiz, rehearsal on Hymnody piece that we're all singing together.
Thursday: individual Hymnody work
Friday: individual Hymnody work

We'll continue with our regular groups schedule.
Monday/Tuesday: Quiz
Wednesday/Thursday: Sight-reading factory (make sure that you still know your user name and pswd!)

Continue with regular groups schedule on Monday/Wednesday
Tuesday: Quiz!!
Thursday: Perhaps we'll take a look at the fall concert piece...? TBD.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Week of Sept. 28

Welcome back!!

"If arts have a place in society, they must be a part of a community. To be an artist is not the privilege of a few, but the necessity of us all." ~ American conductor Robert Shaw

This week our community will resume rehearsals for the fall concert and continue to prepare for your upcoming All State audition.

Note: The next part of your all state audition that we will cover will be your list of vocabulary. Of the 25 terms on your list, 10 will be asked as a part of your written test at your all state audition.

If you've lost the sheet I gave you in class, it's up to you to print another one!
9/10 list of terms
11/12 list of terms

This week's schedule:
VC - 1st Period & 4th Period
We will resume our group schedule this week!
In my groups, we'll be going over terms. You will be responsible for all terms on your list that are related to tempo, including a definition of tempo itself.
QUIZ MONDAY on tempo (multiple-choice!) If you miss class, make sure you get the notes from a classmate about which terms will be on your quiz!

Monday: we'll have a quick refresher on From the Top & start "The Dark Around us" from Hymnody
Tuesday: Groups! PHX will do an intro to this year's all state terms, some sight-reading and rehearse Finches/Yesterday
Wednesday: RS & Beatles will refresh some terms and work on sight-reading.
Thursday: College talk. Plus some more "Dark Around Us" if we have time.
Friday: Hymnody! Details coming soon.

RC - 3rd Period
Eventually, you will be responsible for terms on BOTH LISTS. We will review terms in groups this week. In order to help digest all of that info your first quiz will be over 9/10 terms only.

RC - 4th Period
Eventually, you will be responsible for terms on BOTH LISTS. We will review terms in groups this week. In order to help digest all of that info your first quiz will be over 11/12 terms only.
Tuesday: in groups, you'll come up with jingles for the terms
Thursday: teach each other the jingles
Friday: Quiz review!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Directions to Emory

Chamber - here are more precise directions to Emory from Pebblebrook for tomorrow.

*please note: these are DIFFERENT but more direct than Google Maps!!*

From Pebblebrook:
Take I-20 east to Moreland Ave North (exit 60B)
In about 2 miles Moreland will become Briarcliff Rd. Keep going on Briarcliff.
In about 2 miles turn right on Clifton Road.
Clifton Rd will take you through the center of Emory's campus.
Turn right on N Decatur. You'll see the Schwartz center on your right. Keep going.
If you're parking, pull into the parking deck that's immediately past the Schwartz Center. After parking, go to the top level of the parking deck. Schwartz will be right next to you. 
If you're dropping off, continue down N Decatur to the traffic circle and enter the main gate of Emory's campus then follow signs to the Fishburne deck/Schwartz Center. We'll post signs telling you where to go once you get dropped off.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Solo Festival

Congrats on completing your all state solo performance!!

Here's a list of invitees for Saturday's solo festival. A special congrats to those singers!

Since we're short on time, I went ahead and scheduled all of our participants for a time slot rather than doing a sign up. If the time slot I've given you will not work for you, please find someone to switch with. 11th  & 12th graders please be particularly flexible with those who are auditioning for the Macy's Choir!

If we have selected you and you CANNOT make it please EMAIL ME TONIGHT so that we can offer your spot to one of our alternates.