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Sunday, November 16, 2014

SHOWCASE schedule this week

Here is the performance run order for SHOWCASE. Note that the order is still subject to change and acts that are not prepared may be cancelled.

Remember that Friday night's show is called for rehearsals Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Saturday night's show is called for rehearsals Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. The rehearsals' start and ending times will depend on how things are going so pack your snacks, bring work and be patient. We'll run as efficiently as we can.

The more that you can spend time outside of your called rehearsals reviewing and refreshing your acts, the quicker we will be able to run during afternoon/evening rehearsals.

Week of Nov. 17

Congratulations!! You're done with the first round of All State!!

I know you're eager for cut off scores (as am I!): I promise you will know them as soon as I know them. Usually it take about 3 weeks.

Meanwhile we press onward this week...

VC: we'll be wrapping up All State skills and working ahead to beef up your ear training skills (it's never too early to start preparing for next year's all state audition right?!)

We'll also start holiday concert repertoire this week!

CC: Concert rep this week!
Monday: Rudolph/12 Days rehearsals led by your section leaders
Tuesday: 18V will work your holiday concert rep: Deck the Halls & Merry Little Christmas
Wednesday: GHP recordings/CC rehearsal on concert rep
Thursday: Rehearsal on It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Friday: rehearse & review all concert rep

Groups rotation schedule as per usual this week.
My group will be reviewing our Messiah history in preparation for refreshing the Hallelujah Chorus

Groups rotation schedule as per usual this week.
In rehearsals we'll be reviewing repertoire for the Holiday concert.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Senior Showcase Info

Here it is! Everything you want to know (and probably a little bit that you didn't want to know...) can be found here. I would encourage you to check back often: since this is the first time we're doing this, we might find that we need to alter dates and/or expectations as we go along. I will make every effort to notify you through Remind when we make changes.

Seniors' Remind is @ctycldhvn.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Week of Nov. 10

Good luck to our candidates who are auditioning for GHP on Monday Nov. 10!!

Class this week will primarily revolve around your upcoming All State audition. Practice, practice, practice!! For a map that will give you driving directions to the All State audition site click here. Note that Woodland High School is located on Old Alabama in Cartersville, GA NOT MABLETON, GA.

Some reminders about your audition:

  • Arrive early (at least 30 minutes before you're scheduled to sing)
  • Be patient. It's a long day and it does not move quickly for most people. Plan for your audition to take about an hour but know that it might take longer. 
  • Don't take your cell phone out at all while you're on site
  • Dress professionally
  • Don't wear any Pebblebrook clothing

We will have one more help session on Wednesday 11/12 after school from 4:30 - 5:30. This session will focus on major & minor sightreading.

If you're involved in SHOWCASE, make sure that you check the showcase rehearsal schedule on this blog often. Rehearsals might will probably change as we go. Remember that EVERYONE in showcase is called for tech week next week.

In class this week...

We will be rotating groups this week so that we can complete your teacher evaluations in the first half of class and get piano & all state prep groups in during the second half of class. We'll be off from our original routine so stayed tuned to this blog and check in with classmates to see what you miss if you are absent.

Monday: Showcase rehearsals
Tuesday: Groups. 18V will have a lesson in basic conducting (if you are absent see handout and consult with classmates for notes on what you missed).
Wednesday: Rudolph/12 Days rehearsals + more Showcase rehearsals as needed.
Thursday: Groups. George & Ira will have a lesson in basic conducting (if you are absent see handout and consult with classmates for notes on what you missed).
Friday: TBD.

RC 3 & 4: we are on our regular group schedule all week. My groups will focus on solo & scale preparation as well as review terms for your all state audition. We will have a QUIZ on Friday over the terms for your grade level to help you prepare for Saturday's audition.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

SHOWCASE rehearsals


**All Students in SHOWCASE please print off this form and give it to Mr. Parker (with your track if you're using one) by WEDNESDAY 11/12.

Here's what we've got so far outside of class. Please check back often for updates.

Tuesday 7:30am: In the Upper Room
Tuesday 4:30 - 7:00pm: Run to You, No Man, Untitled #1, Hallelujah, In the Upper Room
Wednesday 7:30am: Lily's Eyes
Wednesday 430 - 7:00pm: Rather Be, A Capella Bellas
Thursday 7:30am: O Mio
Friday 7:30am: Lily's Eyes

The following acts should be ready to rehearse MONDAY 11/12 DURING CLASS. This is a change.
If your number is not on this list, please bring your stuff to class anyway - you never know when someone might be absent or we might get through rehearsals more quickly than anticipated.

2nd Period:
Circle of Life
Daft Punk
I Still Believe
I Could Be Jewish for You
Screw Loose
Vergebliches Stanchen
Say Something
Love is an Open Door

3rd Period:
Counting Stars

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week of Nov. 3

Good news! Our new technology lab is finished and we'll be able to get into it this week!

Don't forget that All State is just 2 weeks away!!
**Help sessions resume this Wednesday from 4:30 - 5:30 if you'd like some extra practice before your audition**

Doc Woolf, Ms. Ginn & Ms. White will be training on the new piano lab so all classes will be with subs.

CC: You will rehearse your new jazz repertoire for the holiday concert. Your section leaders will run these rehearsals.

RC: You will watch a film called "Alive Inside" on music & its impact on human memory. Take notes during the film. After you complete the film, you have a written homework assignment answering several reflection questions on the film. Both your written notes and the reflection questions are due at the start of class on Wednesday. Your writing assignment will be graded on the thoroughness and thoughtfulness of your answers. The grade will go into your "cultural and historical context" category in Synergy.

Enjoy your day off!!

Wednesday - Friday
Groups will resume in all classes!
VC: Each group will get a chance to be in the new piano lab during this week.
Everyone else will be reviewing All State Skills: Prepare to sing your solos, scales and review your terms in my groups this week. Katydids & Dragonflies: You're up tomorrow! Be ready to perform your solo & scales in front of your classmates for critique. 

CC: We'll do our regular Tuesday group rotation on Wednesday of this week. Thursday groups are back on schedule.

RC: Your Wednesday/Thursday groups are on as scheduled. My groups will continue to work your All State Solo, Scales & Terms. Be prepared to perform your solo in front of your classmates as early as Wednesday! Ms. White will review ear training & sight singing in groups.

Sightreading Examples

While you are at home resting (or catching up on homework) we are at school learning to use our new technology lab! This morning's lesson is on Finale. This means that Doc Woolf is now able to write new sightreading examples for you to practice.

GHP candidates: try this one! Please record yourself singing it as a voice memo on your phone and then email it to me so I can see how you do: cccepavocal@gmail.com

All State 11/12 Example 3

All State 9/10 Example 1