Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Vocal Finals

Finals will be held on May 19 (3rd/4th periods) & 20 (2nd period) for seniors, May 24 & 25 for underclassmen. Your final will be specifically written to reflect the work that you’ve done in class this year (NOT like the jury where all classes will take the same test).

For VC
You will NOT have a piano final. Your piano jury will be the last piano test you’ll take.
You’ll have a 50-point written final. Approximately 25 points will cover the material you’ve studied in theory, 25 points will cover the material you’ve learned with me: terms, IPA, history, vocal technique, oratorio, Messiah, etc.

For CC
Your final will be 50 points: 25 for piano & 25 for theory.
For your piano final: Srs may chose to play scales OR your prepared piece. Jrs/Sophs must play prepared piece.
For your theory final: PHX/Chamber will take separate theory tests to reflect the separate material you’ve worked on this year.

For RC
Your final will be 50 points: 25 for piano & 25 for theory.
For your piano final you will play your prepared piece.
For your theory final, it will reflect the separate material you’ve covered this semester.

Piano finals for RC will be the week of May 16 (at the same time as your jury). Piano finals for Chamber will be Monday, May 23 (separately from your jury).

Vocal Juries!

Here's a breakdown of what will be on your jury and when juries will be:
What's going to be on my jury?

Jury Sign Ups!

NOTE: MAKE SURE that you have checked with parents/schedule/transportation/etc. BEFORE you sign up. Once you sign up for a jury, you must make sure that you show up at that time or find someone to switch with you. Once all the times are gone, you will not be able to switch.

If you do not show up for your jury time and do not find someone to switch with you, up to 10 points could be deducted from your overall jury grade.

We're going to take a cue from drama (ha ha... get it?!) and go with seniority on your signups this year. JUNIORS ONLY may sign up until Wednesday at 8pm. Sophomores will have priority until Thursday at 8pm. Freshmen may begin signing up at 8:01pm on Thursday night.

Sign Up for Tuesday, May 17

Sign Up for Wednesday, May 18

Sign Up for Friday, May 20

Sign Up for Saturday, May 21

Monday, April 25, 2016

Week of April 25

FOUR WEEKS until finals!!

...and three weeks until Juries! Juries will be held on May 17, 18, 20 & 21. Sign ups will be coming soon. Start practicing NOW!!

This week...

Monday: Turn in & organize music, review some sightreading
Tuesday: Double groups! My groups will start reviewing for juries
Wednesday: Double groups again! My groups will continue reviewing for juries
Thursday: TBD
Friday: TBD

Monday: Music turn in, Jrs/Sophs perform Bumblebee?
Tuesday: Groups! PHX will review the Irish Blessing for a few minutes, then have some time to study/prep for senior recitals, etc
Wednesday: Groups! Beatles/RS will review the Irish Blessing for a few minutes, then have some time to study/prep for sr recitals, etc.
Thursday: TBD
Friday: TBD

Monday: Music turn in, then GROUPS! My groups will refresh some sight-reading for juries!
Tuesday: GROUPS! My groups will refresh for juries
Wednesday: GROUPS! More jury prep time.
Thursday: TBD
Friday: TBD

Monday & Wednesday you'll have GROUPS
Tuesday you'll be with me. Doing something awesome.
Thursday: TBD
Friday: TBD

Monday & Wednesday you'll be with me, refreshing/reviewing for juries. Tuesday you'll have piano  and theory
Thursday: TBD
Friday: TBD

Monday, April 11, 2016

Week of April 11 - gearing up for concert!

Thought for the week...

We have six more *real* weeks of school. SIX.

...and they are going to be ACTION PACKED. Here we go!

This week's tentative rehearsal sched (subject to change!):
Minors please begin coming to 5th period on WEDNESDAY.

Here is your concert run order

VC1: Spring Break wrap up, review Road Not Taken & El Vito & start reading new VC piece for concert
CC (after extended HR): Run CC set for concert which is:
     MLK/Heilig/Slava/Brahms/Hold On (Crows & Clusters will follow Hold On but we'll rehearse that tomorrow)
RC3: Road Not Taken & Cindy
RC4.VC4: Road Not Taken & El Vito
5th: Road Not Taken & El Vito

VC1: Review rep from Monday's 5th, Begin Come to Me O My Love
CC: Crows & Clusters, Cindy w/ Mr. T
RC3: Cindy w/ Mr T, then Men's/Women's Rep
RC4: Girl's Garden, Star
VC4: Come to Me O My Love
5th: Cindy

VC1: Cindy & men's/women's rep w/ Mr. T
CC: Crows & Clusters, Telephone, Rachmaninoff
RC3: Come In/Pasture
RC4: Girl's Garden, O Star
VC 4: Come to Me
5th: Cindy (with Minors)

VC1: Come to Me
CC: Frostiana
RC3: Come In, O Star (women)/Pasture, Snowy Woods
RC4: Girl's Garden, O Star
VC4: Cindy, El Vito, Road Not Taken
5th: Men's/Women's Rep

CC: Frostiana, Shearing
5th: TBD
Friday rehearsal plan coming soon - we're taking it one day at a time and will adjust as necessary!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Week of March 28

Only 5 days until Spring Break!!

...and then after spring break we have 7 days until our concert. So no winding down this week!!

Here's a tentative plan/rehearsal schedule for this week:

Both 1st and 4th periods will continue to rehearse repertoire (Cindy, El Vito, The Road Not Taken) as well as groups this week. My groups will wrap up our history unit!
QUIZ ON FRIDAY: you will listen/watch 3 - 4 musical examples and discuss them in a paragraph, identifying time period and genre for each. You MAY use your notes on the quiz (but remember that that means that I have higher expectations about you providing specifics for what you hear/see!)

Monday: Sr Mtg; MLK/Bumblebee
Tuesday: Crows & Clusters w/ Mr. T
Wednesday: Heilig (remember that one?!), Telephone/Rachmaninoff
Friday: TBD
NOTE: PHOENIX Women please save the date Tuesday, May 4 to sing for Sensational Srs. All PHX will sing for Changing of the Chairs (men will sing "Yesterday", all PHX will sing the Alma Mater)

RC 3rd Period
Monday: Cindy, Come In (Women), Pasture (Men), Draw Class Project Days
Tuesday: Road Not Taken (tutti), Class Project Performances
Wednesady: Cindy (tutti), Class Project Performances
Thursday: Come In/Pasture, Class Project Performances
Friday: Class Project Performances

RC 4th Period
Monday: Groups
Tuesday: Cindy, A Girl's Garden
Wednesday: Class Project Performances - Mr D'Hav's people + anyone going on NYC trip!
Thursday: Road Not Taken, A Girl's Garden
Friday: Class Project Performances - everyone else!

5th Period
Monday: Cindy (RC/VC & CC Separately)
Tuesday: Men w/ Mr. T; Women TBD
Wednesday: Road Not Taken & El Vito
Thursday: Men w/ Mr. T; Women TBD
Friday: TBD