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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Summer Opportunity with the Atlanta Opera!

From Wade Thomas, Education Manager for the Atlanta Opera:

The Atlanta Opera and Emory University are collaborating to bring the High School Opera Institute to the Emory campus this summer.   Attached to this email are our promotional information sheet and a copy of the application.  We would greatly appreciate if you could make your students aware of our program by printing and posting the information page on your bulletin board or to hand out to prospective students.  The application for students to complete will be available online at the Atlanta Opera website www.atlantaopera.org/education.   The deadline for submission of the application is March 27th.  If you or your students have any questions about the program, please email me at education@atlantaopera.org.  Thank you for your help and we look forward to working with your best students!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Week of 3.2.15

We'll have an info session for the All State trip tomorrow (Tuesday) during 5th period in the Ensemble Rm.


Tuesday & Wednesday you'll have double groups. Quiz on theory & IPA on Friday (All Staters will make up your quiz first thing Monday!)


Tuesday: 18V rehearsal on "Skylark" & "Viva La Vida"; George & Ira will finish tech projects in piano & resume theory lessons.
Wednesday: George & Ira will look ahead at some music for the spring concert; 18V will finish tech projects & resume theory lessons.
Thursday & Friday: Those of you who are not going to All State will have time to finish tech projects and review "Jai Ho"

RC3 & 4

Tuesday: QUIZ! And resume work on tech projects in piano.
Wednesday: TBD
Thursday & Friday: those not going to All State will have time to finish tech projects and review "El Vito"

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

So now what...?

Great job to Men's, Women's and Chamber Chorus on your performances at LGPE Monday. We got some great comments and some solid recordings out of it and I look forward to putting those clinicians' ideas to good use as we prepare for Disney. I'm sorry that Chorale was not able to get the benefit of the clinicians' work but it was definitely worth it for us to be concert-ready so early. Only 2 more Chorale pieces to learn before Disney!

**Don't forget to bring your robes back to school tomorrow!!**

Sooooo... assuming we're back at school tomorrow.... here's what's up for the rest of this week:

So I'll be out for the next three days at a convention in Salt Lake City. Those of you involved in the African-American Heritage Program: stay tuned for msgs from Ms. White about that program.

In class...
VC: You'll be with Ms. White, Ms. Ginn & Mr. d'Hav. We will resume your IPA studies next week (I promise!). We will put off quizzes until next week since I'll be out this week.

CC: Your mission for the next 3 days is to learn "Jai Ho" led by your fearless section leaders. Get to gettin'!

RC3 & 4: you'll have lots of time to catch up on piano & theory over the next 3 days. More Disney rep coming next week when I get back!

What's next for Women's Chorus?

Note: I tried to find a solid YouTube recording of Chorale's next piece (Mack Wilberg's "El Vito") but couldn't. If you find a good recording on YouTube, please send me the link. Otherwise I will find something on spotify or iTunes to play for you when I get back next week.

No school Tuesday 2.24.15

Ok... no school today! 

Please bring your robes back to school first thing tomorrow!!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

LGPE Reminders

A few reminders for LGPE on Monday/Tuesday

We're assuming that everything will go on as planned. If the weather affects our schedule, we'll let you know here and via Remind.

If you have not already, you can subscribe to Remind by texting 810-10 with the following class codes:
Chamber Chorus: @chamber14
Rep Chorus: @RepCho
VC: @VocCon
Disney: @DWLTM
All State: @Segno

Another link to the letter we sent out earlier this month: LGPE Info Letter

Don't forget...
  • PUT THIS NUMBER IN YOUR PHONE: 678.653.1820 as "Vocal Teachers". Parents should have this number as well. This is a google voice number that should reach one of us via phone call or text msg. If you are running late, have car trouble or need to get in touch with us, BE PROACTIVE! GET IN TOUCH! 
  • When you call or text DON'T FORGET TO IDENTIFY YOURSELF!!!!!
  • As a last resort, you can try email: katie.woolf@cobbk12.org. This is best if you are ill the night before or need to get in touch with me in advance. Once we get to LGPE day, I will probably not be checking email regularly.
  • Concert attire!! We've been over this a lot. Make sure you're wearing the right clothes. 
  • Don't bring a lot of stuff with you to Lassiter. We will have someone who is keeping an eye out for your stuff but we canNOT be responsible for valuables. Leave laptops, iPads, iPods, kindles, etc at home on Tuesday. 
  • Anything that you can manage without on Monday evening you can leave at school before we go to Lassiter. It will be locked in the ensemble room until we return on Tuesday. 
  • We will be doing a LOT of walking and standing at LGPE. Plan your shoes accordingly. 
  • Rep Chorus, Chamber Chorus & Men's Chorus: report to the vocal room 4th period Monday afternoon. Be dressed in concert attire at that time. We'll bus you up to Lassiter. Men & Women's Choruses will be finished around 5:30 and can be picked up at Lassiter at that time. Chamber Chorus will be finished around 7:30. We will depart to return to Pebblebrook immediately after we're finished - anyone who is not picked up at that time will be coming back to Pebblebrook with us so please make sure that your parents are prompt!
  • Students MAY NOT drive themselves to Lassiter on Monday. 
  • All vocal students must arrive at Lassiter between 7:00 & 7:30 Tuesday morning. Students are permitted to drive themselves Tuesday morning but MUST LET DR WOOLF KNOW IN ADVANCE! Please come to the concert hall check in with us AS SOON AS you get there. We will bus you back to Pebblebrook and should arrive before 2nd period is over. Tuesday's bus assignments are here (they're alphabetical): Bus Assignments 
  • Our performance schedule is as follows - please share with parents! We'd love to have an audience!
    • Women's Chorus: 4:20 Monday afternoon
    • Men's Chorus: 4:40 Monday afternoon
    • Chamber Chorus: 6:40 Monday afternoon
    • Chorale: 8:40 Tuesday morning
If you have any questions over the weekend, please email me: katie.woolf@cobbk12.org. If you have questions or need to get in touch with us on the day of, please text or call 678.853.1820.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Concert reminders

**Late breaking information: our Vocal Concert has been rescheduled for Thursday 2/19 at 7:30pm. If you have a conflict with this new concert date, please email me ASAP at katie.woolf@cobbk12.org**

Parents and families can buy tickets here

  • The run order for the concert is here
  • Dinner will be provided. Looks like it will be pizza & salad. We will have vegetarian options available. 
  • Attire for this concert is robes which means that all students need to bring or wear for the day the correct attire under your robes. 
    • Men: black dress shoes, black socks, black pants, WHITE collared shirt, tie in a muted color. Neckties only please - NO BOWTIES
    • Women: black closed-toed shoes (flats or a small heel - NOTHING HIGHER THAN 3 INCHES PLEASE!), a dress or skirt/pants/top combo that does not extend below your robe (or can be rolled up), skin-colored legs (Tights are not mandatory except for 18V girls but if you do want to wear tights, please wear skin-colored tights NOT BLACK TIGHTS!) no jewelry, tasteful makeup, hair pulled back off your face
  • Exceptions to robes:
    • Senior Soloists please wear your concert attire from senior showcase. I think you can all make this work under your robe - Hunter & Matthew, you can do a quick change if necessary. Alexis, Jasmine & Telita - I think you can all wear your attire under your robes and just do a quick shoe change? Email me if you have questions!
    • 18 Voice: Let's do all black & white. Men - just shed your robes & you'll be all set. Ladies - dresses or black pants in either all black or black & white. Bring a small splash of color (scarf or jewelry or headband - BLACK SHOES PLEASE) and we'll see how it looks. If you're wearing a dress, please make sure it is at least to your knees and DO wear skin-colored tights underneath your dress. I would prefer black dress pants that could be rolled up under your robe. 
Please email me at katie.woolf@cobbk12.org if you have any questions!!