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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

VC essay guidelines


Some guidelines for your essay on Friday:

- Your essay prompt will be the following question: how does the voice work for singing? I expect your answer to come in at least three (thoughtful) paragraphs with a short summarizing/concluding paragraph at the end
- You may NOT use your notes or the paragraphs that you have written in class as reference. You must memorize the processes of breathing, making sound and modifying sound.
- I WILL project a list of vocab thay I expect you to include in your essay. You may use this vocab as a part of your outline as well.
- I expect your thoughts, paragraphs and sentences to be organized. You will not be as rushed as you have been during groups so please make en effort to outline your essay before you begin writing.
- Grammar and spelling count
- This is a formal essay. Please do not use casual language.

Things to look out for that will most assuredly cost you points on your essay:
- just reciting vocab without telling me how that vocab relates to the process of singing.
- breath vs breathe. Know the difference.
- cord vs chord. Likewise.
- mispellings of words on your vocab list. 
- incomplete sentences. (Gotta have subjects AND verbs kids!)

Your essay will be worth 50 points, graded on a similar rubric to your history paragraphs.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Week of March 30

Here we go...

5 days to spring break...
10 days 'til Disney...

... but don't worry, there's still PLENTY to do this week!

*All classes: be sure to bring back your music from LGPE! We're reviewing it tomorrow and I want to make sure you have your scores for reference!!*

In groups we'll wrap up our unit on vocal anatomy by talking about voice modification and vocal health. Friday you'll write an essay (in-class) on how the voice works.

Monday: Review Chorale rep & Jai Ho for memory
Tuesday: review Men's/women's rep
Wednesday: 18V rep
Thursday: CC rep
Friday: TBD.
If we have time, we'll take another look at your Songs of Stage & Screen rep this week!

RC3 & RC4Ever
Monday: Review Chorale rep
Tuesday: review men's/women's Disney rep
Wednesday: Groups
Thursday & Friday: TBD
If we have time we'll look at your Songs of Stage & Screen rep

Monday: rehearsal in the vocal room: chorale set!
Tuesday: rehearsal in vocal rooms, theater: men's/women's sets
Wednesday: CC & 18V perform for 5th on stage
Thursday: Men or women perform for 5th on stage & T-Shirt distribution (we hope)
Friday: Chorale performs for 5th on stage

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Week of March 23

10 school days 'til Spring break...
16 days 'til Disney...

*We are planning to have our info meeting about the Disney trip during 5th on Friday* As a reminder, this (and all trip meetings) is for students, not parents. 

This week's schedule:

*If you are interested in the Baba Yetu solo, we need to hear you in class tomorrow (Monday)!*

If you have trouble viewing the above video, you can click on the link to youtube here

In my groups we'll begin our unit on vocal anatomy. This unit will be broken down into 4 lessons over the next two weeks as follows:

  • Breathing
  • Phonation
  • Modification of sound
  • Review/wrap up
Your end-of-unit assessment will be an essay on how the voice works. You will write the essay in class essay next Friday (April 3). If you miss a group over the next two weeks make sure you get notes from a classmate. And feel free to email me to schedule some time with me to go over what you miss!!

This week's tentative rehearsal schedule:
Monday - Baba Yetu, Jai Ho
Tuesday - 18V rehearsal with Ms. White & Doc Woolf; George & Ira - theory review with Ms. Ginn
Wednesday - Chamber set for Disney: My Spirit, Ruth, Jubilant Song, Jai Ho
Thursday - Men's/Women's rehearsal
Friday - catch up/review as needed

This week's tentative rehearsal schedule:
Monday - Women: Ride on King Jesus/Men: spring conc rep
Tuesday - Chorale rep
Wednesday - Men's/Women's rehearsal TBD
Thursday & Friday - TBD

Monday - Groups
Tuesday - Rehearsal on Lux, Tota, Ride on King Jesus
Wednesday - Groups
Thursday - Rehearsal as needed (TBD)
Friday - TBD

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Disney FAQs

Several of you have asked several questions about the Disney trip. We will have full packets to give you a few days before we leave but we understand that you and your parents have lots of questions right now. I've answered as many as I can here and will continue to update as I get more Frequently Asked Questions. You or your parents are also welcome to email me (katie.woolf@cobbk12.org) with additional questions... but please cheek the FAQs first!

Disney FAQs

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week of 3.16.15

15 school days 'til Spring Break...
23 days 'til Disney...

T-shirt $$ is due to Doc Woolf by Thursday!!

This week!
Don't forget that you take your theory & IPA quizzes first thing Monday morning! I'll return last week's quizzes tomorrow before class (they'll be in your box!) so you have a chance to do a quick review before you have to take your quiz at 8:30.
After we take the quiz, we'll get back on our regular weekly schedule.
My groups this week will finish up our IPA unit with glide vowels. Fear not! There are only 2 (for now) and you've already learned them, you just know them by a different name.
Late breaking information: *If you would like some extra help with IPA, I'll have a review session on Thursday morning from 7:40 - 8:00*

We're still coordinating this week's rehearsal schedule - stay tuned for updates.
This week's rehearsal repertoire:
CC Rep: Jai Ho &
Chorale Rep: Baba Yetu
Girls: Lux Aeterna & Ride On King Jesus
Boys: Exsultate
18V: Viva La Vida, Skylark & Cells Planets

Don't forget that we're changing up our groups and our group schedule.
This week's rehearsal repertoire:
Baba Yetu
Girls: Lux Aeterna & Ride On King Jesus
Boys: Exsultate

We're back to our group schedule this week: regular groups on Monday & Wednesday; Rehearsal on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
This week's rehearsal repertoire:
Ride on King Jesus
Lux Aeterna
Baba Yetu
El Vito

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week of 3.9.15

As we transition back into a full 5-day week we'll press onward with our preparations for Disney! 

*Don't forget that if you missed Friday's quiz, you'll make it up first thing in class on Monday!*
In groups we'll be working on IPA symbols for consonants. Your quiz on Friday will be cumulative (as all previous quizzes have been)
This week's rehearsal repertoire:
Wilberg/El Vito

We'll resume our regular group schedule this week. 
This week's rehearsal repertoire:
Wilberg/El Vito
Sperry/Jai Ho
18V: Skylark & Viva la Vida

We'll also resume our group/rehearsal schedule this week.
This week's rehearsal repertoire:
Wilberg/El Vito
Women: Roueche/Lux Aeterna

Info about spring t-shirts coming soon! $$ will be due next week!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Summer Opportunity with the Atlanta Opera!

From Wade Thomas, Education Manager for the Atlanta Opera:

The Atlanta Opera and Emory University are collaborating to bring the High School Opera Institute to the Emory campus this summer.   Attached to this email are our promotional information sheet and a copy of the application.  We would greatly appreciate if you could make your students aware of our program by printing and posting the information page on your bulletin board or to hand out to prospective students.  The application for students to complete will be available online at the Atlanta Opera website www.atlantaopera.org/education.   The deadline for submission of the application is March 27th.  If you or your students have any questions about the program, please email me at education@atlantaopera.org.  Thank you for your help and we look forward to working with your best students!