Sunday, February 7, 2016

Week of Feb. 8

Thought for the week:
"Always take your heart to work." ~ Meryl Streep. Yes ma'am!

Here's the tentative plan for this week:

In my groups we'll wrap up our IPA unit by reviewing the sounds we have, adding a couple of new sounds and taking a unit test over all of the sounds we've learned. Unit test is a-comin'... Be ready!!
We'll also finish up "How Can I Keep from Singing" and "Regina Coeli" in preparation for LGPE which is right after we get back from break!!

Monday: Tutti rehearsal on Heilig & Hold On. Mr. d'Hav will pull out the srs with whom he has yet to rehearse. *Be ready!!*
Tuesday: Seniors will be with Ms. Ginn, Jrs/Sophomores with Ms. White. GHP candidates will present their repertoire for their classmates. *Be ready*
Wednesday: TBD (based on how much we get done on Tuesday!). I would love to have a day for seniors to rehearse "Aquarius" for soiree & Jrs/Sophs to review "Bumblebee"... we'll see if we can make it happen.
Thursday: Review Hold On for the Black History Program, other LGPE rep if time.
Friday: Black History Program. You will be in robes for this performance (and all remaining performances this year). Standard robe attire applies.

In groups we'll finish up* our unit on IPA and review that sightreading in preparation for LGPE.
In rehearsal we'll keep working on LGPE rep & look at some rep for the March concert.

On Tuesday & Thursday we'll finish up* our IPA unit, refresh LGPE rep and get going on "No Time" for the March concert.

VC 4th period - see 1st period!

*Note that "finish up unit" often involves some kind of end-of-unit assessment... be ready! :)

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Week of Feb. 1

Thought for the week:
"Let everything you do be done as if it makes a difference." ~ William James

This week we press onward with LGPE preparations and groups!

VC (1st period)
We should be on a "regular" group rotation which means we'll work repertoire for the first half of class every day, then have groups in the second half of class.
My groups will finish up with IPA pure vowels and start on diphthongs and consonants.

Monday: Rehearsal on Hold On & Heilig
Tuesday: Groups! PHX will work on a quick German diction lesson for Heilig, then Swing Down Chariot, Pitch Perfect (do you still have your scores?!) & Yesterday
Wednesday: Groups! My groups will do an IPA refresher then jump into some German diction. Ja, wohl!
Thursday: Sr coachings on Soiree Rep for those who are gone to OK + Unifieds (if you're not going to Unifieds, we'll get you next week!)
JR/Sophomores work on MLK & Bumblebee
Friday: Hold On, Heilig, Mozart as needed.

We're also back to our "regular" group rotation which means you'll have two sets of groups this week + some rehearsal on LGPE repertoire. Remember that the quicker we can master that LGPE repertoire, the more time you will have to look at a piece to sing on the March concert.
My groups will work on refreshing those IPA symbols (vowels AND consonants!)
*Be ready for a pop quiz at any time!!*

We're also back on our regular rotation which means that I will see you on Tuesday & Thursday. We're going to refresh those IPA symbols (vowels AND consonants) and review LGPE repertoire.
*Be ready for a pop quiz over IPA at any time!!*

VC (4th period)
I will see you on Monday & Wednesday of this week. We're going to review IPA pure vowels, jump into diphthongs & consonant symbols. We'll also keep working on that LPGE rep - here we go!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Week of Jan. 25

Thought for the week...

"People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they are not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost." ~ Dali Lama XIV

Speaking of fulfillment and happiness... Have you seen the video of the panda bear playing in the snow?

...because if you haven't seen a video of the panda bear playing in the snow you should.

But now that the snow has come and gone...

This week we'll start hearing soloists on LGPE repertoire (Regina Coeli & How Can I Keep from Singing). Be ready!

All Shook Up cast/crew to the Civic Center (all day)
VC: Rehearsal & sight-reading
CC: Rehearsal (Regina Coeli, How Can I Keep & Hold On)
RC3: How Can I & Regina Coeli
RC4/VC4: How Can I & Regina Coeli

VC: Double groups?
CC: Rehearsal & Madrigal presentations
RC3: Groups. My groups will have an IPA refresher.
RC4: IPA refresher, rehearsal
VC4: Piano/Theory

VC: Double groups?
CC: Possible PHX rehearsal on Yesterday/Swing Down Chariot. OR tutti rehearsal. TBD.
RC3: Groups (IPA refresher), then rehearsal
RC4: Groups
VC4: Rehearsal, then IPA lesson

All Shook Up cast/crew to the Civic Center (all day)
VC: Rehearsal & Sight-reading
CC: Hold On
RC3: Rehearsal
RC4/VC4: Rehearsal

VC: Quiz over IPA symbols & tetrachords
CC: Hold On
RC3: Quiz over IPA symbols, rehearsal
RC4/VC4: Quiz over IPA symbols, rehearsal

Monday, January 18, 2016

Week of Jan. 19

Thought for the week:
"Here on the pulse of this new day,
You may the grace to look up and out
And into your sister's eyes,
Into your brother's face, your country,
And say simply
Very simply
With hope - Good morning."
 ~ Maya Angelou

Don't forget All State auditions this week! Do you have a ride to Kell? Are you practicing with that piano-only track?
Here is the link to your audition time on Thursday.

Here's the plan for this week:
We're headed into a new unit on the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). If you miss a lesson this week, make sure you get notes from a classmate.
NOTE: We've re-shuffled the groups after the holidays. Here is a link to your new group assignments.

Tuesday: Sightreading practice/Groups
Wednesday: Sightreading practice/Groups
Thursday: Repertoire review/Groups
Friday: Repertoire review/Groups

Tuesday: Soiree hearings/JR-Sophomore rehearsals
Wednesday: Finish up soiree hearings (if necessary)/Rehearsal
Thursday: Rehearsal/All State practice/Madrigals final rehearsal
Friday: Madrigals presentation

Tuesday: Groups (as per usual). Crackle & Snap - this will be the last time for you to finish up your presentations/practice your all state music in class. Be ready to check off that music with DW!
Wednesday: Groups. Pop - this will be the last time for you to finish up your presentation/practice your all state music in class. Be ready to check off that music with DW!
Thursday: Presentations!
Friday: Quiz over presentations!

Tuesday: This will be the last time for your finish up presentations/practice all state music in class. Be ready to check off that music with DW!
Wednesday: Groups.
Thursday: Presentations!
Friday: Quiz over presentations!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Week of Jan. 5

Welcome back!!
Thought for the week:
"Works of art make rules, rules do not make works of art" ~ Claude Debussy

First up this semester will be a study of music history in different ways for different classes. Get ready to learn about some of the music history and works of art that have made the musical rules we live by today. 

We'll dive into an overview of musical history for the next three weeks. Keep an eye on your own page ( for updated assignments and information. 

You're diving into Black History Program, LGPE and March Concert rep as well as some individual studies on works of vocal music. And don't forget about All State! Bring your All State music and tracks to class every day until auditions. You will have chances to work on it.
On Wednesday & Thursday we'll split into groups. PHX will bring back some of that rep we started in the fall, Beatles & Rolling Stones will look ahead to LGPE rep. 

You'll have a chance to brush up on those musical time periods as well as dive into some individual projects on some of the 20th century genres that we didn't have a chance to go into in depth last year. And also don't forget about All State! You'll have several chances to work on All State music in class - don't forget to bring your music and tracks to class every day. 

Here we go!

A preview of LGPE Rep: