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Friday, April 17, 2015

Monday's Dress Rehearsal

Many, many pieces are going well so at this point we're NOT planning to call everyone for dress rehearsal on Monday. Here is a tentative schedule so that you can coordinate rides. Once we are finished with all pieces that you're in, you may be dismissed from the rehearsal.

*As an advertisement for the concert, please wear your class shirts on MONDAY!!*

We're planning to call the follow groups for rehearsal:
Chamber Chorus
Jai Ho Dancers
All men
Soloists & trio

NOTE that, as with all dress rehearsals, all times are tentative and subject to run early or late!!!

3:35 - 4:15: Baba Yetu & Curtain Call
4:15 - 5:00: Jai Ho
5:00 - 5:30: Cat-like Tread & Witches Chorus
5:30 - 6:00: Sunday in the Park
6:00 - 6:30: Hello
6:30 - 7:00: Solos & Trio

Seniors: Here are the lyrics to Sunday. Here is the music for Sunday.
Make sure you're ready for Monday's rehearsal.
Just to clarify... Seniors, since this is our ONLY rehearsal on your piece before Tuesday's run-through we expect anyone who intends to participate in your piece to attend the dress rehearsal. If you cannot attend Monday's dress rehearsal, you may still perform in the rest of the concert (provided that you are present during your class period on Tuesday!) but you may not participate in the senior piece. This is in accordance with our expectation for attendance at dress rehearsals at ALL PA performances. If you cannot attend Monday's dress, please let me know!

Class Project Expectations

Class Project time! Here is a complete list of expectations for Class Projects.

We have a quick turnaround time for repertoire selections and learning these pieces so GET ON IT this weekend!

April 22: Repertoire selections due by 4:30pm
April 24: Repertoire selections posted on Dr. Woolf's blog
April 27: Sheet music due to Mr. d'Haviland by 4:30pm
April 29 - May 8: Coachings in class
May 11 - 15: Performances in class

Read your list of expectations thoroughly and then if you have any questions please email Dr. Woolf: katie.woolf@cobbk12.org

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Concert reminders

Here is a link to the tentative run order for the concert. This also includes notes about attire. Note that both order and your attire are subject to change based on conversations we have in class and rehearsal preparation. Stay tuned and make sure you are checking your messages through Remind.

Encourage parents to buy tickets early! This concert will definitely sell well!
Take me to the Box Office!

*Don't forget that we have a dress rehearsal planned for Monday afternoon until 7pm. Stay tuned on exactly who will be called for that rehearsal!*

If you didn't get this run order through Remind, make sure you're signed up for your class code:

Note about attire: we do NOT expect you to buy something pricey or extravagant. Ask around, talk to friends, see what you can borrow. If you can't make it work, talk to us BEFORE TUESDAY so that we can help you out.

A breakdown of clothing by ensemble:

VC Girls
Frozen & Joyful, Joyful: One colorful dress or skirt/top combo, black shoes (for Hail Holy Mary you'll put your robes on on top of your Joyful, Joyful clothes)

VC Boys
Joyful, Joyful: respectable school clothes
Cat-like tread: TBD

RC Girls
Frozen: Colorful dress (optional)
Seal: White dress or pants/skirt & top combo.

RC Boys
Fugue for Tinhorns: dark slacks, white shirt w rolled up sleeves. Optional tie, vest and/or fedora
Cat-like Tread: TBD
Maria: jeans, flannels, belts, etc. We'll provide boots & hats.

CC & 18V Girls 
Frozen: colorful dress
Everything else: nice looking black pants (NO LEGGINGS OR JEANS PLEASE. Nice-looking dance pants are ok with the right top) and black shirts with various splashes
  • Macbeth: all black
  • 18V set: turquoise scarves
  • CC set: splash of blue
  • Jai Ho: head scarf/headband in red, yellow/gold, light blue or purple
CC & 18V Boys
Mormon: black & white w/ tie
Cat-like tread: TBD
Everything else: concert black w splashes
  • 18V set: turquoise ties
  • CC set: splash of blue
  • Jai Ho: tie in red, yellow/gold, light blue or purple
Seniors & Soloists
Formal Attire/Senior Soiree attire

Friday, April 10, 2015

Reminders for Saturday

Saturday reminders and schedule:

8:30 18V call time to room 600
9:45 CC call time on bus
RC & VC responsible for breakfast and lunch in the morning. You may go to Wendy's or Chick-fil-a across the street but be SURE to cross at the crosswalk!!
RC & VC on bus at 1:30
We WILL return to the hotel before the awards ceremony for you to change clothes.

Reminders for CC:
Men need both black and white shirts
Make sure you're in your robe & concert attire when you get on the bus
Ladies make sure hair is out of your face
Bring water, deodorant and anything else you need for the day

Reminders for VC & RC:
When you get to the bus be wearing robe and stole
Men: black pants, black socks, black dress shoes, WHITE shirt & tie
Women: dress & black shoes, hair out of face, makeup, no jewelry

Friday, April 3, 2015

Disney FAQs

Several of you have asked several questions about the Disney trip. We will have full packets to give you a few days before we leave but we understand that you and your parents have lots of questions right now. I've answered as many as I can here and will continue to update as I get more Frequently Asked Questions. You or your parents are also welcome to email me (katie.woolf@cobbk12.org) with additional questions... but please cheek the FAQs first!

Disney Bus Assignments

Updated Disney housing list

Disney FAQs

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

VC essay guidelines


Some guidelines for your essay on Friday:

Your essay will be worth 50 points, graded on a similar rubric to your history paragraphs. For those who are interested, here is the specific rubric for this essay

- Your essay prompt will be the following question: how does the voice work for singing? I expect your answer to come in at least three (thoughtful) paragraphs with a short summarizing/concluding paragraph at the end
- You may NOT use your notes or the paragraphs that you have written in class as reference. You must memorize the processes of breathing, making sound and modifying sound.
- I WILL project a list of vocab thay I expect you to include in your essay. You may use this vocab as a part of your outline as well.
- I expect your thoughts, paragraphs and sentences to be organized. You will not be as rushed as you have been during groups so please make en effort to outline your essay before you begin writing.
- Grammar and spelling count
- This is a formal essay. Please do not use casual language.

Things to look out for that will most assuredly cost you points on your essay:
- just reciting vocab without telling me how that vocab relates to the process of singing.
- breath vs breathe. Know the difference.
- cord vs chord. Likewise.
- mispellings of words on your vocab list. 
- incomplete sentences. (Gotta have subjects AND verbs kids!)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Week of March 30

Here we go...

5 days to spring break...
10 days 'til Disney...

... but don't worry, there's still PLENTY to do this week!

*All classes: be sure to bring back your music from LGPE! We're reviewing it tomorrow and I want to make sure you have your scores for reference!!*

In groups we'll wrap up our unit on vocal anatomy by talking about voice modification and vocal health. Friday you'll write an essay (in-class) on how the voice works.

Monday: Review Chorale rep & Jai Ho for memory
Tuesday: review Men's/women's rep
Wednesday: 18V rep
Thursday: CC rep
Friday: TBD.
If we have time, we'll take another look at your Songs of Stage & Screen rep this week!

RC3 & RC4Ever
Monday: Review Chorale rep
Tuesday: review men's/women's Disney rep
Wednesday: Groups
Thursday & Friday: TBD
If we have time we'll look at your Songs of Stage & Screen rep

Monday: rehearsal in the vocal room: chorale set!
Tuesday: rehearsal in vocal rooms, theater: men's/women's sets
Wednesday: CC & 18V perform for 5th on stage
Thursday: Men or women perform for 5th on stage & T-Shirt distribution (we hope)
Friday: Chorale performs for 5th on stage