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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Class Projects Assignments

All classes' Class Projects assignments are done!

If you have a blank space by your name we would like some more options from you. Please do some more research and submit another 2 - 3 songs by Monday 4/21. If you don't submit more choices we'll assign you something. We'll start coachings on Thursday, April 24.

Sheet music is due to Dr. Woolf by Friday, April 25.

EVERYONE MUST PROVIDE SHEET MUSIC for your song even if you're singing with a track. There are a couple of ways to do this:

      a) make a copy yourself at home or at Kinko's or at your parents' work
      b) bring your music in for Dr. Woolf to make a copy for you. If I make a copy for you, it will take at least 24 hours for me to get your music back to you.

       a) come in before school to see if we have it and we can make a copy for you
       b) order it from sheetmusicplus.com , musicnotes.com or other sources. Make sure you check with us BEFORE you order (and pay for) music so that you can be sure to get it in the right key.

VC Assignments

RC3 Assignments

RC4 Assignments

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Senior Recital Schedule

Please join us for any* (or all) of our 2014 Senior Recitals!

All recitals are performed in the Black Box and are FREE

Saturday April 12, 4pm
Jordan Romeo, Bethany Windham, Rieves Bowers, 
& Kieryn Williams

Sunday April 13, 4pm 
Mary Saintfort, Taylor Russell & Jessica Carr

Friday April 25, 6pm 
Amber Luxbacher & Breanna Williams

Saturday April 26, 2pm 
Katherine O'Connell, Alexis Adams & Heather Morgan

Sunday April 27, 2pm 
Alex Sherwin, Max Chambers, Keyera Grant
 & Bethany Sanders

*Vocal students are required to attend at least 1 senior recital each year. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mozart T-Shirts!

If you want a T-Shirt to remember the Requiem by, $10 is due to Dr. Woolf by Friday!! Bring it by Thursday to make sure you get it in on time!! You may use $ from your student account if you'd like.

Yes the t-shirts are going to be cool. You know you want one.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

VC Quiz Friday

As most of you know by now, your quiz this Friday for vocal anatomy will be an essay answering the question "how does the human voice work?" It will be worth 50 points in the creativity/expression category of your gradebook. Both content (accurate information) and grammar (subject/verb agreement, properly constructed sentences, etc) are important to your essay.

In your essay you should devote 1 paragraph (4 - 6 sentences) to each of the three sections of vocal anatomy that we've talked about in class: Origin of Sound, Sound itself and Modification of Sound. You also must include the following vocab words in your essay:

Breath Support
Abdominal muscles
Vocal Cords
Soft Palate
Hard Palate

If you have any questions about the assignment, please feel free to email me tonight!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Class Projects!!

Class Projects cometh!!

Here is the entire sheet outlining the expectations and requirements for class projects.

Here is your grading rubric for class projects

The timeline, at a glance:

Tuesday, April 8: Repertoire selections due at the START of your class period
Week of April 14: Repertoire selections posted on Dr. Woolf’s blog
Friday April 25: Sheet music due to Dr. Woolf ( Note: If you are using something from our library that you need us to make a photocopy of, you MUST give at least 24 hours turnaround time!!)
April 24 – May 8: Coachings in class
May 9 – 15: Performances in class
May 16: Journals due

Here are some resources we encourage you to use in your research. Check back frequently because we will update these as we find more!


·       www.sheetmusicplus.com
·       www.musicnotes.com
·       www.amazon.com 

(    Note: Wiki is also a great place to learn about the synopsis of your specific musical!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mozart Solo Auditions Schedule

Saturday's schedule will be as follows:

9:00 - Te Decet (we'll hear you all then possibly hear some people again).
approx. 9:30 - Tuba Mirum (we'll hear you all by voice part, then possibly hear some singing again)
approx. 10:15 - Benedictus (we'll hear everyone sing once to begin with then mix and match voices in quartets. We expect this to take while - there are a lot of you and we'll want to hear many combinations. Be prepared).

To start with, we'll hear the following combinations on the Benedictus... (subject to change!)

Katherine O’Connell
Keyera Grant
Kieryn Williams
Cansler McGhee
Mary Saintfort
Taylor Russell
Daniel Fobes
Julian Omiela
Breanna Williams
Katherine O’Connell
Cansler Mcghee
Billy Shearstone
Mary Pate
Naomi Goldstein
Ryan Wolpert
Austin Branks
Jordan Wilkes
Cassy Hague
James Fobes
Commodore Primous
Rachel Biddle
Bethany Sanders
JT Butler

Victoria Sockwell
Jasmine Henry
Boys will repeat as assigned

Lauren Hughes
Tia Solari

Alexis Janiga
Lalique Nelson

Josie Long
Kyle Shackleford

Maya Alwan
Abby Hoskins

Ashley Chambers
Elise Jackson

Kirby Burgess
Sariah Warth

Eliza Kate Leiter
Kat Warren

Teylour Hobbs
Ajaysa Clay

Caroline Game
Alexandria McMath

Emma Dowdy
Angel Davis

Morgan Brady
Charity Boyd

Corrinne Leahy
Keyera Grant

Angel Davis
Taylor Russell

Jasmine Johnson
Naomi Goldstein

Sam Stebbins
Lalique Nelson

Scout Powell
Tia Solari

Corinne Taylor
Jasmine Henry

Gracie Thompson
Sariah Warth

Nasia Shearod
Kat Warren

... then we'll mix and match a LOT.

We hope to be finished by 12. We will certainly be finished by 1 so that those of you in Grapes of Wrath can be on time for your 1:00 call. If you're in Grapes and auditioning for Benedictus I would suggest that you pack a lunch just in case we run late.

A full list of auditioners can be found here. Please check to make sure that I didn't accidentally write you down for the wrong solo or voice part.

While we don't require any specific attire on Saturday, dressing up is always appropriate for classical vocal auditions and we always notice what you're wearing.

Please plan to check in AT LEAST 10 MINUTES before your approximated call time just in case we happen to be running early.

Above all else, please remember that we are rooting for you, not against you. We want you to do your best. We expect people to make mistakes and are less concerned with absolute accuracy and more interested in whether you can recover and keep on going when you do make a mistake. We want you to do your best and enjoy this piece regardless of the outcome of the audition.