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Monday, August 18, 2014

All State Solos

Here you go!!

Please make sure that you print the correct KEY for your voice part and download the correct practice tracks!!

VC - if you are unsure about your key, wait until you receive instructions from Doc Woolf.

RC & CC - have at it!!

9/10th Graders

Text & IPA for Sebben Crudele can be found here

Soprano I/Tenor I (scales on F)
Practice Track
Performance Track

Soprano II/Tenor II (scales on E-flat)
Practice Track
Performance Track

Alto I/Bass I (scales on D)
Practice Track
Performance Track

Alto II (scales on C)/Bass II (scales on B-flat)
Practice Track
Performance Track

11/12th Graders

Text & IPA for Sento Nel Core can be found here

Soprano I/Tenor I
Practice Track
Performance Track

Soprano II/Tenor II
Practice Track
Performance Track

Alto I/Bass I
Practice Track
Performance Track

Alto II/Bass II
Practice Track
Performance Track

Week of August 18

Congratulations on a FANTASTIC workshop concert! All of our ensembles performed beautifully and the entire concert made a very impressive showing after only two weeks of work together. We look forward to our other concerts and trips coming up this year.

And now looking ahead to this week...

In all classes we began with a reflective EQ on the workshop concert and looking ahead to the rest of the year. VC, please write a 4-6 sentence paragraph on what you would like to accomplish this year. RC & CC: please write approximately 1 page reflecting on the workshop concert and looking ahead at what you'd like to accomplish and what you would like for your (or your class's legacy to be).

In classes this week:
VC: We'll be looking at the history and cultural context of the American National Anthem in preparation for our sing-off later this week and early next week.

CC: We start piano/theory groups this week! Remember that your rotation is as follows:
Mon/Wed/Fri: Everyone report to the vocal room for rehearsal/all state prep
Tuesday Groups: 18V to the Vocal Rm; George: Ensemble Rm for theory; Ira: Piano lab for piano. George & Ira will switch halfway through the class.

Thursday Groups: George & Ira to the vocal rm, 18V starts in Ensemble Rm for theory, then switches to piano halfway through class

RC: We'll start on your All State Solo and reviewing scales this week. Please refer to my next blog post to print the correct key for your voice part and download practice tracks. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Workshop Concert Soloists

Thanks so much to everyone who auditioned for us this afternoon! We were thrilled to hear so many of you and we were incredibly impressed with the excellent caliber of auditions (special shout out to all of our courageous freshmen who sang so beautifully for us!)

That said, we cannot have a marathon concert on Friday so we would like to invite the following students to perform. Those of you performing please touch base with Dr. Woolf TOMORROW to talk about performance attire.

The Devil You Know from Side Show
Commodore Primous, Governor's Honors Program

The Party Goes With You from 35mm
Brittany Strachan, Alliance Theatre Master Classes

King of the World from Songs for a New World
Cansler McGhee, Broadway Dreams Foundation
Matthew Welsh, Piano

Strangers in the Rain from Children of Eden
Jordan Wilkes, The Performing Arts Project

Early in the Morning by Ned Rorem
Kelsie Dow, Governor's Honors Program

Se Tu M'ami by Alessandro Parisotti
Kirby Burgess, Governor's Honors Program

Santa Fe from Newsies
Daniel Fobes, Private Voice Lessons

Waiting for Life from Once On This Island
Maya Bowles, Private Voice Lessons

Kind of Woman from Pippin
Rachel Biddle, The Performing Arts Project

I Really, Really Love You by Paul Loesel
Jayson Lee, Governor's Honors Program

Mean Ol' Lion from The Wiz
JT Butler, UCLA Arts Camp Summer Intensive

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Syllabus Quiz!!

VC: You will have a pop quiz on the syllabus on Friday during class. It will be worth 20 points. 

For the quiz you should be sure that you know the following information:

What are the top 3 classroom rules?
What do you need to bring to class every day?
What can you get points taken off for during a concert (what's makes up your concert etiquette grade)?
What is the school dress code (found in your PHS handbook)?
What can be considered an excused absence from a concert?
What canNOT be considered an excused absence from a concert?
What can you do to make up the 500 concert etiquette points in the case of excused absence?
How many recital credits do you have to write each semester?
Is All State Chorus optional?
What is our policy for late work? 

Workshop Concert Solo Auditions

If you participated in a summer program or summer intensive, you may audition to sing a prepared solo on the workshop concert. To sign up click here. Please include your name (as you would like for it to be printed on the program!) and the summer program you participated in.

Members of ComPAny, please sign up before 5:00pm. Those of you not in ComPAny please sign  up after 5:00pm.

Don't forget to dress in audition attire and bring copies of your sheet music (no tracks!).

We look forward to hearing you!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Beginning of year info

Here is the link to the beginning of year survey: Survey

Please fill it out as instructed during class. If you cannot access the file, please fill it out before your class period on Thursday, Aug 7.

Here is the preliminary calendar for the year. Be sure to get these dates on your personal calendars now as many of these events are required!!

In case you've forgotten, here are your music numbers:
CC Music Numbers
RC Music Numbers

VC you will get music numbers after the workshop concert. You may leave that section blank for now.

Don't forget to sign up for Remind.Com!
442.333.4439 or

VC: @VocCon
CC: @Chamber14
18V: @18Voice
RC: @RepCho


We're going to be using Schoology for a lot of classroom work this year. Please sign up for your appropriate class. To sign up to go www.schoology.com and enter the course number associated with your class & grade level:

Questions? Troubles? Email Dr. Woolf: katie.woolf@cobbk12.org

VC 9th/10th grade: XSNK3-7XM8P
VC 11th/12th grade: 26HWS-7RFZN

CC 10th grade: JRW2Z-6W9W6
CC 11th/12th grade: RGM4S-FS4TJ

RC3 10th grade: 3M9DV-KHMGS
RC3 11th/12th grade: VDBZW-XF4W7

RC4 10th grade: NVP58-NJ6TC
RC4 11th/12 grade: ZSD33-8HDW2